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Epitome, the property management system allows you to better manage and distribute your inventory to maximize occupancy and achieve higher rates, including utilizing tiered/dynamic pricing functionality. These tools make it easier to increase bookings on your property's website and connect with third-party distribution channels cost effectively. Automating processes reduces human error and helps you achieve the highest possible room rates by establishing rate and inventory rules, such as setting minimum lengths of stay, closing out room types, setting minimum rates, and defining packages.

  • Increasing revenue and occupancy

  • Maximize yields with rate and inventory rules including setting minimum lengths of stay, closing out room types,and setting minimum rates.

    Maximize revenue opportunities by selling unique rates,packages, room types,and room numbers for each night of the guest stay with the stay wizard.

    Reduce expenses by using the specialized features in the credit card interface such as multiple processors, multiple merchant numbers, multiple properties, and centralized deployment.

    Extend your marketing programs with the sale and management of gift certificates, and creation of cash-based certificates.

  • Using global features

  • The query wizard, available in each module, allows you to search and retrieve information for guest, group, and company accounts using virtually any criteria from one screen instead of several, thus increasing productivity.

    Epitome PMS also provides detailed reports that allow you to precisely target your marketing efforts to improve your occupancy rates, increase your yield, and enhance your strategic planning. Since custom reports are embedded in the application, you do not have to exit the application when you print them. You can sort and filter reports to view the exact information you need at a moment's notice.

  • Improving guest loyalty

  • Cater to your international guests with the systemˇ¦s multiple currency capabilities to display and quote rates in an alternate currency.

    Exchange foreign currency and foreign travelerˇ¦s checks with a record of the transaction details including service charges and receipt tracking.

    Establish guest loyalty programs by tracking room nights and revenue. Retain up-to-the-minute information about the number of reservations, stays, cancellations, no showss, and the amount of revenue generated by each guest or company.

  • Streamlining operations

  • Display occupancy figures, housekeeping, and incoming reservations at any given moment with the flash status.Access the guest account directly from the blocking worksheet to change information, add postings or messages, and more. Save time, reduce errors, and allow your staff to perform more guest service functions by defining the business rules and requirements of taxation regulations directly in the system.


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