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  • SunSystems Vision 6 Seminar

      SunSystems Vision 6 - Not just an Upgrade
      Powerful Business Intelligence & Reporting Products

      Vision 6 offers a major advance in the provision of Analytics, Business Intelligence, Reporting and Alerting software.
      In our seminar, you can have more information on the integrated solution and how your company can get benefit from it.

      Date:        (Session 1) - 23rd September 2005 (Friday)
                        (Session 2) - 28th September 2005 (Thursday)
                        (Session 3) - 4th October 2005 (Tuesday)
      Time:       10:00-12:00
      Location: Conference Room, Room 202-4, Kodak House II, 39 Healthy Street East, North Point, Hong Kong

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